Cedar Bluff Cycles is the best bike shop ever!!!!!

KnoxVelo has an amazing track record with long time financial backers. Year after year our sponsors continue to dole out money to support our cycling addictions. In return they get a little publicity, but for the most part they just like the sport of bike racing and want to make it a little more fun for us aspiring champions who still have to live in the real world with full-time jobs and kids with braces. Still, being decked out in a full kit on race day with fellow teammates makes each of us feel like we are members of an elite pro team, even if just for a few hours on Saturday, and even if we are first season Cat 5s. I am grateful for KnoxVelo and their sponsors for creating the venue for me to live my dreams.

I am not independently wealthy, so every time KnoxVelo reimburses an entry fee for me or pays my gas to a special event I remember that money is coming directly from our sponsors. Since Cedar Bluff Cycles is our supporting bike shop they get all of my business. Even if they were not financially vested in us, I would still shop there, and here is why: their shop service and their dedication to helping us achieve our goals are truly remarkable. 

Two examples—It’s Friday before the State road race this past August and I decide to remove my freewheel cogs and clean them, something that I had never done before on my new Madone. In short order the whole mechanism came off the hub and I had a bench full of pawls and sprockets and no knowledge of how to get it all back together again. I sheepishly carry all the parts into CBC at 4 p.m. before my Saturday AM race. Tim immediately stopped the project he was working on, cleaned off his bench, and spent the next 30 minutes carefully cleaning all my loose parts and methodically putting everything back together with the patience and precision of an old master. Next he put the wheel in his Park truing stand and proceeded to true the wheel. When it spun without making any scraping noises he handed my pristine wheel back to me and wished me good luck. He wouldn’t even take any payment. I couldn’t believe it. My second story (I could tell a dozen more) involves Gerry. When my frame exhibited a crack at 18 months old I took it in to Gerry and asked if it qualified for Trek’s frame replacement warranty. He thought it would and sent it in. I had to be patient for a few weeks and ride my old steel bike as Gerry dialogued back and forth with Trek engineers about the crack. Eventually Trek agreed to send me a free 2013 Six Series Madone replacement frame (retail price $3629.99)! Tim and Gerry put the bike all back together, gave me another custom fit session, and I was good to go. For my part, it couldn’t have been easier. I just dropped it off and then picked it up a few weeks later. No worries. No excuses. Both Tim and Gerry went way beyond good customer service in my book.

I have told my stories to many of you in the peloton and have found that you, too, have many more amazing stories. As we all get excited about the 2013 season with the kick off of the Winter Training Series and with our new kits arriving in a few weeks let’s remember to patronize our sponsors, starting with Cedar Bluff Cycles. Cycling is a team sport, and our team includes not just us racers, but all the KnoxVelo supporting structure including our sponsors and mechanics and sales support at CBC. Even a simple “thank you” will go a long way to assure their continued support.  Our other 2013 major sponsors are Harper Auto, Melting Pot, the YMCA, and The Stick. Eddie’s Health Shoppe is always good about donating prizes for our events. And this year D1 Sports on Hardin Valley is putting up a nice price for our Winter Training Series.

See you soon!

-Michael Twigg