Knoxvelo clothing reorder

Wanting more knoxvelo clothing? Are you sad that you missed the chance to get on the last order? Not to worry, here is your chance to get more knoxvelo clothing. Go to the following website and add the clothes you want to the cart. once you pick out what you want, check out. Once you click the checkout button, you can either logon to your account if you ordered previously, or, if you are a new member or didn't get on the last order, create a new account from that same screen.  Right now, the website is set up as a pre order website, meaning you don't have to pay right now. 1 week before the order dealine, an email will be sent out asking you to pay for the items that made the minimum. The minimum is 10 pieces per item. If that item has not made the minimum, it will be removed and you wil not have to pay for it. THE DEADLINE IS JANUARY 30th.