All employees, learners and those who work on behalf of TTS Training Services Ltd are responsible for informing TTS Training Services Ltd of any accidents and near misses. 4.10 First aid arrangementsAll employees, learners and those who work on behalf of TTS Training Services Ltd are required to comply with Health and Safety at Work Act by acting responsibly in the workplace and not endangering the health and safety of others. In all other situations, we will seek your written consent. Website designed by SN1 Web Design Swindon. Managing stress within TTS Training Services Ltd is a collective responsibility and will be managed in partnership by all to create a safe, healthy and supportive environment. Even though PAT testing itself is not required by law, the consequences of electrical faults should be … For activities that carry risks, a risk assessment by the contractor must be carried out before works starts. It is also paramount that your staff, pupils and visitors to your school are safe from faulty electrical equipment. Employers are legally required to assess the risks in their workplace so that they can put into place a plan to control the risks. Some class 1 equipment, in schools, for example, can be PAT tested every year (12 months). Please send an email to or simply put “Unsubscribe” in the header of any e mail you receive from us. School PAT Testing. Our statement of general policy is:• To provide adequate control of the health and safety risks• To consult on matters affecting health and safety• All equipment belonging to TTS Training Services Ltd is safe and maintained• To ensure equipment used for training and assessment purposes meet health and safety standards• Display health & safety law poster at TTS Training Services Ltd• To ensure all instructors/assessors who provide training and assessment for TTS Training Services Ltd meet instructor criteria as defined by TTS Training Services Ltd To ensure that all accidents are reported and documented• To ensure safe handling and use of substances• To prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill health• To maintain safe and healthy working conditions• To review and revise this policy as necessary on an annual basis• To provide the appropriate information, instruction, training and supervision to all employees, learners and those who work on behalf of TTS Training Services Ltd. 2. One of the schools we carry out testing for is Compass Community School Victoria Park. Case Study - We recently conducted the annual PAT Testing, at Sir Thomas Fremantle School in Buckinghamshire. If you're seriously considering sorting out PAT testing yourself without outsourcing, all you'll need are two things. Although failure to comply with any provision of an ACoP is not in itself an offence, that failure may be taken by a court in criminal proceedings as proof that a person has contravened the HSWA. Article 6(1)(b) – this is necessary for the performance of our contract with you/your employer. Take a level test . First aid procedure when someone sustains a major injury or serious accident:• Apply first-aid and all necessary assistance• Ask someone to call an ambulance• Inform ambulance staff of the assistance already give• Arrange for the next of kin to be notified• Accompany the injured person to hospital if necessary• Write up notes and document. Most things are going to plan however we have a lot of equipment that have AC adapters and I can't seem to get any results from them. *Exclusions apply, please see our Delivery Page for details. IOSH, HABC etc. Most schools will rely on outsourced firms for PAT testing, mainly because they are not aware that they don't have to. Any concerns or queries about this privacy policy should be sent to the TTS Training Services Ltd Data Protection Officer through the contacts page. PAT testing in a school! Where it is not possible to eliminate stressors, TTS Training Services Ltd is responsible for ensuring that proactive measures are taken to control and minimise the risks as far as it reasonable practicable. We confirm that all our Goods conform to the CE (Conformité Européenne / European Conformity) Marking Directive by independent accredited test laboratories. Many schools we train have various technicians, maintenance staff and other departments undertaking the PAT testing in their area only. We offer PAT testing in Schools across the UK. When not in use, manual handling equipment should be stored safety and in conditions that avoid the equipment to deteriorate. The regulations require that PPE is: • Properly assessed before use to ensure its suitability• Maintained and stored properly• Provided with instructions on how to use safely• All PPE provided must be used correctly and comply with PPE Regulations and be CE marked. You should also tell us what you think we should do to resolve your complaint. Receipt of the complaint will be acknowledged within 72 hours. 5.7 Lifting operations and lifting equipment regulations (LOLER)LOLER regulations aim to make working life safer for everyone using and coming into contact with lifting equipment. Instructors/assessors should be able to demonstrate health & safety knowledge through certification of a qualification or training course or evidence of health and safety working knowledge. PAT TESTING in SCHOOLS PAT TESTING in COLLEGES: Maritime Electrical Ltd are a professional company, specialists in the inspection and testing of electrical portable appliances, more commonly known as PAT Testing - Portable appliance testing covering all of Kent, London, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire and Bedfordshire. If any part of the Conditions shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed to be severable from the Conditions and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any of the remaining provisions of the Conditions. dietary requirements, cancelled courses etc. Your right to cancel only applies if the Goods are unmodified, have been properly used under normal conditions and have been properly stored, installed and maintained. PAT testing must be still be carried out at regular fixed intervals, but the time between tests is much longer than it would be in dangerous environments. 4.2 Communicable diseasesTTS Training Services Ltd follows all applicable legislation and guidance in relations to communicable diseases. Where you require us to make Reasonable Adjustments to enable you to attend a course or sit an exam, we may require further information from you. QA L3 Award in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace (RQF). Employees have a duty to communication to TTS Training Services Ltd if they are suffering with the effects of work-related stress. whether the employee has been taken to hospital for treatment and the name of the hospital• Take an appropriate contact number if available. Portable appliance testing (PAT, PAT inspection or redundantly as PAT testing) is the name of a process in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand and Australia by which electrical appliances are routinely checked for safety. Anyone can do PAT testing, as long as there is somebody within the organisation who can prove that they are competent to do so. Is it time for your school's PAT testing? 5.1 Approved Code of Practice (ACoP)ACoPs are provided to give employers practical advice on how to comply with the law. There is a noise problem if people have to shout or have difficulty hearing someone approximately two metres away. 4.5 Display screen equipmentThe Health and Safety Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Regulation aim to protect the health of people who work with DSE. Part of the PAT Test South Group. Wrong. Students receive a raw test score (e.g. When you book a course we will use your details to: If you book a certificated/accredited course (e.g. It is also paramount that your staff, pupils and visitors to your school are safe from faulty electrical equipment. Hello, not sure if this is the best place to ask but hopefully it's okay! 4.6 Driver safetyThe driver should ensure that the vehicle(s) they use whilst working or training with TTS Training Services Ltd is maintained and in a roadworthy condition, holds appropriate insurance, current road tax and a valid MOT certificate. How Can I Organise PAT Traning for my Staff? Once your purchase is complete you can start using your account and an invoice will be sent to your school. Home About DDL PAT Service Gallery Contact PAT Service . In order to provide you with a good service, e.g. The use of hand-held mobile telephones whilst driving is illegal. Employees have a responsibility to provide a suitable working environment, work safely at home and to report any health and safety concerns to TTS Training Services Ltd. All home-based employees must carry out an annual risk assessment of their home working environment to include regular visual safety checks on all electrical work equipment. PAT Testing in schools ensures that you are conforming to current legislation and regulations. Home About DDL PAT Service Gallery Contact Contact. 4.3 Control of substances hazards to health (COSHH)Any use or storage of hazardous substances potentially exposes people to harm. First aid procedure for someone who sustains a minor injury and has to be sent home:• The injured person reports the injury• A first-aider administers first aid and records the accident details• The named friend of family member is phoned to pick up the injured person• If the person suggests there is no one to help, the first aider will arrange transport and accompany the person home and arrange for someone to stay with the person at home• The injured person is contacted the next day if not in work to check their condition. If unresolved in the first instance the appeals procedure is then followed and used when we cannot establish a mutual agreement. The opportunities offered in order to demonstrate competence of attainment, Administrative issues e.g. • reduce – where a manual handling task cannot be avoided apply control measures to reduce the risk• Review – review and update risk assessments. We have trained many customers from construction sites, schools, offices, factories, MOD, hospitals and more in how to conduct PAT testing in their environment. Failing this, the centre co-ordinator will:-. In order to do this the instructor must: • Discuss potential health and safety risks with all learners• Ensure risk assessments are carried out and control measures are communicated• Ensure that all risks have been considered• Update the risk assessment if further significant risks are identified• Return completed risk assessment to TTS Training Services Ltd. 4.1 Accidents and emergenciesReporting accidents and ill health at work is a legal requirement. PAT Service. To recognise that working towards equality of opportunity is not additional or marginal to its activities, but central to the efficiency and development or the organisation, as an employer and as a provider of education and training. PAT testing is done to ensure that all electrical equipment that is classified as “portable” is deemed safe for use. Deliver our contract to provide training to you. Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an important part of ensuring school safety. We will take all reasonable care to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of Goods appearing on the Website are correct at all times and we aim to keep the Website as up to date as possible. It is TTS Training Services Ltd responsibility for implementing a system that tackles work-related stress. Some of them only have 3 buttons! This depends on whether you book a training course or subscribe to our weekly / monthly email and blog as explained below. If you do not want us to do this. Article 6(1)(b) – this is necessary for the performance of our contract with you/your employer. Always apply the principles of safe handling:• plan – stop and think about the task• position – get as close to the load as possible• lift – keep your head up and shoulders level; bend with your knees not your back; keep the load as close to the body as possible; check you have a good grip; feet apart to give you balance• move – avoid twisting; make sure you can see where you are going; keep carrying distance to a minimum• lower – use the same principles used for lifting with the movement reversed. When the AV and lighting specialist White Light needed testing equipment for some of its more complex projects, they knew Seaward had the perfect solution. We make every effort to ensure that this Website is free from viruses or defects. HEALTH AND SAFETY LEGISLATIONEveryone must comply at all times with Health and Safety legislation and are advised to keep up to date with current legislation and codes of practice which can be found by accessing the Health and Safety Executive website Here's what you need to remember: Subscribe to our newsletter and know first about all our promotions and discounts. Subject to some legal exceptions, you have the right to: To learn more about these rights please see the ICO website. 5.15 The Control of Vibration at Work RegulationsEmployers must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure to hand-arm vibration to protect employees from risks to their health. 5.11 Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)The objective of PUWER is to ensure that work equipment should not give rise to health and safety risks, regardless of its age, condition or origin. The Goods must be unmodified, have been properly used under normal conditions and have been properly stored, installed and maintained. The regulations have gradually become clearer in recent years, but a lot of people, particular those in schools, are not aware of the requirements associated with PAT testing. These faults would have been easily discoverable on an internal examination of the equipment wiring. Contact you with regard to any matter arising from your booking or attendance at our event e.g. The definition of a portable appliance is anything that has a cable and cord and goes to an outlet plate, in fact we have 6 degrees of portable! We reserve the right to modify or withdraw, temporarily or permanently, this Website (or any part thereof) with or without notice to you and you confirm that we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification to or withdrawal of the Website. Shining a light on PAT testers. DDL PAT Testing Ltd | PAT Testing Nottingham | PAT Testing Midlands | PAT Testing Schools. This is perhaps where most people get confused about PAT testing. LOLER is aimed at ensuring all lifting operations are properly planned, lifting equipment is used in a safe manner and is thoroughly examined at suitable intervals by a competent person. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. PAT testing yourself is a real alternative that you should take advantage of. On arrival at the hotel, the hotel room should be inspected to confirm its suitability, security and location of the fire exits and evacuation procedures. Once your purchase is complete you can start using your account and an invoice will be sent to your school. From time to time an employer may request details of course attendance by their staff. You like any business also have to comply with The Health and Safety at Work Act (HASAWA), The Provision and Use of Work Equipment (PUWER), The Electricity at Work Regulations and so on… Don’t forget you also just want to provide a safe school for students, teachers and visitors. If you don't know your level, you can start by taking a Level Test. You have the choice as to whether you wish to have your formal complaint dealt with by telephone, letter or e-mail. Work-related stress is not an illness, but if it is prolonged it can lead to ill health. All costs incurred by returning the goods will be paid for by you the purchaser. 5.17 Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) regulationsThe workplace (health, safety and welfare) regulations cover a wide range of basic health, safety and welfare issues. Available 7 Days a Week 07960948474 22 out of 40), which is converted onto a scale. The policy applies to all learners; those seeking to be learners; employees and applicants for employment. These regulations state: "As may be necessary to prevent danger, all systems shall be maintained so as to prevent, so far as is reasonably practicable, such danger". The parties to any such contract agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. Available 7 Days a Week 07960948474 Article 6(1)(f) – this is necessary for our legitimate interests – we want delegates to be able to understand and appreciate each others’ background and experience. However, we cannot guarantee that your use of this Website or any websites accessible through it won’t cause damage to your computer. Facebook LinkedIn. As such, TTS Training Services Ltd will take reasonable steps to identify potential sources of occupational injury, provide adequate support/treatment for any employees who might be exposed to long-term injury or ill health through work and monitor their effects. 5. Then there the items that usually get over looked, the hand dryer in the bathroom has a cable and cord, because this is screwed to the wall does this mean it can never go wrong, does it mean it can never be damaged? Another of the most common misconceptions about PAT testing is that it is only qualified electricians who can actually do it. Out of hours can include early morning, evening and weekend work. Children and teachers from all over the country are welcoming the start of the summer holidays. This is certainly not the case, we charge £357+VAT to come to your school and train up to 3 people to PAT test (Only £60 per person after the first 3). Starting life as a... Read. If for any reason a replacement is not available for a damaged or defective item then we will refund the value of the returned goods by the original payment method. Your Statutory Rights are not affected by these Conditions. 0208 951 6820 Pass the 36-hole Playing Ability Test or; Attempt the PAT at least once within the two years prior to registering into the PGA PGM Program. TTS Training Services Ltd has an open and transparent culture, which encourages a receptive line of communication for all work-related stress. 4.15 Out of hours workingTTS Training Services Ltd recognises the need for employees, instructor’s assessors and contractors to work outside normal office hours.

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