You can’t just sit still and expect the Spirit to do it; you must fan the flame and shake yourself awake. At this particular time, as He stood at the threshold of heaven, He began to emanate His virtues, starting with mercy; He suddenly became holy mercy, and as He began emanating this holy mercy, I was encompassed by it. Neither can you sit still in slumber and expect Him to do it for you because He does not. The Bible said to shake of the dust, sleep, and slumber (Isaiah 52:2, Eph 5:14). Lord, sometimes your truth makes us so nervous we can hardly sit still. The Five Pillars of Islam bring out many differences between the god of Islam and the God of the Bible and the means of approach thereto. You live in a world governed by the spirit of deception and living under the veil of the lie, and this lie tells you that you need what is in the world to survive. When you enter into this place of reigning where you’re living in the truth now, wholly in the truth—you see all things differently, and you wonder how you could ever have been so blind to see things in such a perverted way. The Father designed the Gospels to give us a living picture of what it means to walk with God. Those revelations were written down and collected by his followers into the book known as the Quran, which they revere as the very words of God dictated to the world through Muhammad. You don’t know or realize that. Will you plow up the fallow ground? Then I’d go to the next house, and they would say: You see these children in my house? He only does what He is. I share  this because one of the things these men do is meditate on the Word. 12 the two pillars and o the bowl-shaped capitals that were on top of the two pillars; the two networks covering the two bowl-shaped capitals which were on top of the pillars; Read more Share Copy Show footnotes ... Get beautiful Bible art delivered to your inbox. These tribes are also seen in the 12-stones of the breastplate, the 12-gates of New Jerusalem, and the 12-encampments (God’s government), around the Ark of the Tabernacle, (a symbol of the throne of God). So the truth stood before them in living color, life itself beyond anything we could imagine, and they didn’t even recognize Him. The churches would be filled with people wanting to hear what the angels of the Lord were saying. As I walked along the beach, I looked into the air and heard people laughing above me. He shows you another thing, and you start lusting after that. Those pillars could withstand quakes; they were immovable. Easton's Bible Dictionary I’ve prayed for many years that God would reveal to me the twelve most important pillars of the kingdom. You have been brought back to the beginning. I was like walking down the streets of Harlem with gang wars all around me. The 5 Pillars of Islam in the Bible - The Second Pillar (Salat) The 5 Pillars of Islam in the Bible - The Third Pillar (Zakat) Regaining the Lost Paradise: The Story of Adam (Surah al Baqarah 2:30-39)  Islamic interpretation of the phrase 'Son of God' as applied to Jesus (peace be upon him) The Prophet's Night Journey I’ve prayed for many years that God would reveal to me the twelve most important pillars of the kingdom. He taught us and gave us the words that teach us how to get away from the world and to walk in God. He is love; He is goodness; He is mercy; He is kindness; He is justice; He is judgment; but all that He is, He is because He is truth. You must command your soul to be awakened, and you must do it now! So sometimes promises are given to us and we don’t understand how those promises are going to be made manifest or even if they can be. Israel's covenant with Jehovah (Joshua 24:1-25-26), where also probably Jacob had buried the idol trinkets of his household (Genesis 35:4). Of the life of the early Christians it is said, They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and … Continue reading "The Four Basic Pillars of the Christian Life" The wealth of the kingdom and eternity is in this place. Satan makes the world look so good, doesn’t he? And the twenty pillars thereof and their twenty sockets shall be of brass; the hooks of the pillars and their fillets shall be of silver. Wood, hay and stubble—that’s what Paul called it; let us learn to cast it aside for the greater. I do not know how to explain how Jesus does this. Victory over Human Trafficking & Abortion. The Bible tells us to meditate on God’s Word; to whet it, to sharpen it and to let it become a part of us, morning, noon and night. John 16: 13But when He, the Spirit of Truth (the Truth-giving Spirit) comes, He will guide you into all the Truth (the whole, full Truth). How much of your time and your energies has been given to follow after the passions that to you are illegal? So, Heaven does fit the context. Sex ads website Backpage shut down by U.S. authorities. 33:32). I think just before I came here to speak Jesus said these words: I can remember traveling back then from church to church after so many angelic visitations; visitations from the Lord telling me what was ahead. We know it because we don’t believe. It’s not possible for Him to lie or give us less than truth. What is it you’re trying to show me?” He said, “This is the spirit of the world.” I said, “Lord, please deliver me from this, this is frightening to me.”. Jesus told him not to reveal that truth except in a letter one year after his death. The only way to get that veil broken is to leave the world and come into union with God. He wants you owned by the truth. It is amazing to me… I have studies by Jewish Rabbis which I sometimes read. The Bible does not teach that the earth sits on pillars… The truth as it is acknowledged in the world needs the church as its human upholder under God. Open Persian halls have the fronts supported by pillars and shaded by curtains fastened to the ground by pegs or to trees in the court (Esther 1:6). Or you can fight the forces in spiritual warfare and pave your way into the light of glorious truth. Listen to me. You are born of God, and your life is now springing from a new flow, a new fountain. I think they somehow stumbled over Christ in all their studies. Right at the foot of the mountain, there is an undeniably man-made structure with features that fit the Biblical requirements for a sacrificial altar. No one comes to the Father except by and through me. Because of Christ (our Ark and the High Priest), we all were taken from the waters of death and established in the Promised Land. Love has a look; even mercy and faithfulness has a look when He wants it to have a look. The Word of God is near you, even in your mouth. Clarke's Commentary on the Bible. After going through His virtues, He then closed all of that down, and He let me begin to feel the nature and the character of evil, and as evil began to rise and become pre-eminent in my consciousness, I could feel the spirit of murder. I will write on them the name of my God and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of heaven from my God; and I will also write on them my new name. And He said: NEW!!! But God is calling you to the light of truth. It is upon us, it is no longer futuristic. He teaches you how to love this, and He teaches you how to hate this. What are you doing?” “We told you at our house: we have no worries. Below are the English definition details. The pillars had a size nearly six feet (1.8 metres) thick and 27 feet (8.2 metres) tall. Suddenly, seemingly as fast as the seed was planted, up out of the seed came a tree of light, filling the whole soul with the glory of God. God wants to consume you. The people love to hear it sung, but if they won’t let the song go into their hearts and explode into a revelation of God’s glory and be changed by it, it will not profit them. There is something inside of you screaming for the light of truth because you have become one with truth. Commentary. You were never called to live on the fence between deception and truth, dipping your toes here for a while, dipping your toes there for a while. As I was talking to them, I looked out into the ocean and saw a huge black pillar jetting straight up out of the ocean. A pillar in the temple - There is probably all allusion here to the two pillars in the temple of Jerusalem, called Jachin and Boaz, stability and strength. In Judges 9:6 Abimelech is crowned "by the oak ('elown, not "plain") of the pillar (or memorial) at Shechem," in the same spot where Joshua held the last national assembly and renewed.