Of course, this also paralleled the show’s Tom Cruise parody, in which the actor and a slew of celebrities sought to drain CENSORED of his “power not to be ridiculed.”, (Note: If you go to the South Park website to view the episode, there’s a message from the creators saying that “numerous additional audio bleeps” were added “throughout the episode. The explanation that was given at the beginning of the series with Cartman's dad being his mom (since she had both male and female reproductive organs) was completely changed yesterday with Cartman's dad being Scott Tenorman's dad. At the end of "201", the dead body of Tom Cruise lies alongside the corpse of a killer whale, a reference to the ninth season episode "Free Willzyx", in which the South Park boys help an orca escape a marine amusement park and flee to the moon, believing it to be a paradise. The fight between the Super Best Friends, celebrities, and Gingers spills over into the Ginger lair, and Tenorman escapes in the confusion. But back to CENSORED. For some reason, I remember watching 201 when it came out, and everything after "I learned something today' was intentional censored. It's a destructive battle on the largest scale, but all everyone wants to know is, "Who is Eric Cartman's father?" We're quite capable of doing it to ourselves. This is the same Jack Tenorman who Cartman had killed and then chopped up into chili. Among the signatures were those of Garry Trudeau, Mark Fiore, Tony Auth, David Horsey and Paul Szep. Scott Tenorman, and the references to Cartman's murder of Scott's parents, were from the fifth season episode "Scott Tenorman Must Die". 5 comments. The episode was written and directed by series co-creator Trey Parker. He is also one of the protagonists of the movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. He hates Kyle for being jewish, Kenny for being poor and Stan because of his girl friend, Wendy Testaburger and because Stan is best friends with Kyle. No doubt, they'll try this stunt again. Browse scott tenorman south park eric cartman episode 201 pictures, photos, images, GIFs, and videos on Photobucket Entertainment Weekly is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation All Rights Reserved. He appeared in 'Scott Tenorman Must Die'. share. [51] Despite the package claiming otherwise, both "200" and "201" were omitted from the Region 4 release[52] and have been completely omitted from the Region 2 (which contains the predominantly Islamic Middle East and North Africa) release as well. But instead of the real one, he uses his left hand as a puppet to mimic her. The only true power is violence. Scott Tenorman is a major antagonist in the animated TV seriesSouth Park. Mitch Conner reminds Cartman that he is "half-Bronco" as well and tells him that makes him "pretty cool" and departs. Despite this, the mystery of “Who is Eric Cartman’s father?” obsesses Cartman. Each week I try to get my 69-year-old Father, who thinks comics are for dolts to understand why I love them and teach him comics. [4][6] "201" continues the theme from "200" that argues against fear and censorship, and calls for support of free speech, both of Muhammad's image and any subject considered taboo.[11][12]. "[39] Margaret Wente of The Globe and Mail said the censorship of "201" could be "the lowest point in the history of American TV", and that it represented a gravitation toward fear in a post-September 11 attacks world. A rare "South Park" episode promo for "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut" in 1998. Erics dad is Scott Tenorman's dad there half bros cartman killed his own dad and all he care's about that he is half ginger Source(s): i got this on the episode called 201 0 0 Seventeen Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists protested the threats in a petition released April 27, 2010. [6][7] Cartman regards Connor as a separate entity and has conversations with him, while Stan and Kyle do not accept this idea at all. ! Depicted as a melodramatic madman, Scott has decorated his lair to represent the Chili Con-Carnival in which Cartman gained his revenge on Scott by tricking him into eating his own parents. 75% Upvoted. This seems like a small thing, but it caused … It's Jack Tenorman, one of the Denver Broncos. Woah, this is a biggie. Eric Cartman is the overall main antagonist and tritagonist of South Park. [8] During one scene, Mecha-Streisand crushes a building and someone screams, "The Casa Bonita is gone!" With Mary Kay Bergman, Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Isaac Hayes. "[14][15] Subsequently, the website for the organization was hacked, temporarily redirecting web traffic to images of Prophet Muhammad with a bomb on his head and an older Muslim man passionately kissing a young boy. Tom Cruise is the first subjected to the process, gaining a "CENSORED" box identical to Muhammad's, but further transfers are interrupted when the Super Best Friends arrive to free their comrade Muhammad. In the censored version, this explanation is completely obscured by a continuous audio bleep. Episode: 201 (Season 14, Episode 6) If you’re not thoroughly familiar with the episode “Scott Tenorman must die”, then you can’t be considered a true South Park fan. This was revealed in episode 201 that Eric Cartman's father is actually Scott Tenorman's father, Jack Tenorman, a former Denver Bronco. In most places the episode "Sexual Healing" was shown instead of episode 201. The identity was concealed because the Bronco's were having a great season, and it is implied that they were afraid that the revelation would cause a scandal. Don't you see, gingers, if you don't want to be made fun of anymore, all you need are guns and bombs to get people to stop. Back in the present, Mr. Garrison refuses to reveal the identity of Cartman's father, and instead sends Cartman to Dr. Mephisto. Some of these developments had been anticipated in the 2006 South Park episodes "Cartoon Wars Part I" and "Cartoon Wars Part II". "Super Best Friends" was also pulled from the South Park Studios site following the increased media attention from "201". Unfortunately, Cartman cut up and fed to his father to half-brother, Scott Tenorman in “ … The more they see others winning, the more they will be likely to do the same. Santa: That's right, friends. The entry stated that they "will probably wind up like Theo van Gogh for airing this show." [8], According to a Zogby International survey conducted after "201" aired, a majority of Americans opposed Comedy Central's censorship of the episode. Kyle: That's because there is no goo, Mr. Cruise. When playing the episode, prior to the theme playing, a text card appears saying: "The following episode appears as it originally aired on April 21, 2010. In this two-parter, it was finally revealed that Cartman’s real father was Jack Tenorman. Offers may be subject to change without notice. 71% disagreed with the network's decision to censor "201", with only 19% agreeing with the decision. It took over a decade before the Cartman’s father storyline was revisited in the episodes “ 200 ” and “ 201 ”. It's a destructive battle on the largest scale, but all everyone wants to know is, "Who is Eric Cartman's father?" Meanwhile, the Ginger Separatist Movement and the townsfolk are negotiating the handover of Muhammad when Mecha-Streisand begins to attack South Park. 'South Park' recap: Episode '201' is 'CENSORED,' also reveals Cartman's father By Ken Tucker Updated April 22, 2010 at 11:05 AM EDT "The Death of Eric Cartman" combines everything this show does best; the bully's malicious insanity, Kyle and Stan getting their own back, and Cartman's laugh-out-loud relationship with Butters. Mr Garrison is considered a possible candidate for Cartman`s father. The entry included audio clips of a sermon by al-Qaeda imam Anwar al-Awlaki calling for the assassination of anyone who has defamed Muhammad, saying, "Harming Allah and his messenger is a reason to encourage Muslims to kill whoever does that. In one of South Park's greatest ever episodes, Cartman enacts his own style of revenge on his bigger boy school bully Scott ... '200' and '201' Comedy Central. In the exciting conclusion to this two-part blockbuster celebrating South Park's 200th episode, angry celebrities, violent ginger kids, and Mecha Streisand face off against the Super Best Friends and the South Park faithful. Comedy Central has decided not to air these two episodes of South Park. [35][40] Bill Maher, host of the HBO talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, said the threats against "201" demonstrated the importance of the First Amendment and other American civil liberties, and said, "When South Park got threatened last week by Islamists incensed at their depiction of Muhammad, it served—or should serve—as a reminder that our culture isn't just different than one that makes death threats to cartoonists. However, on more than one occasion, he's straight up been the villain of the story. After it aired, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were “warned” by a New York-based Muslim website about the potential danger of what could be perceived as their ridicule of a worshiped figure. The "Dog Whisperer" may have what it takes but Eric Cartman's not going down without a fight. [40] Roger Catlin of the Hartford Courant suggested Comedy Central actually drew more attention to the Muhammad controversy, not less, by censoring the episode. Angry celebrities and violent ginger kids are after the \"goo\" of the Islamic prophet Muhammad in order to become immune to slander. Once there, Stan decides to turn the Refugee camp into an actual summer camp so Steve can have the 'camp experience' he once had. [34] Some commentators suggested because Comedy Central responded to Revolution Muslim's warnings by censoring depictions of Muhammad, the Muslim extremists scored a significant public victory. OK this might be a little crazy and since you did not watch episode 201 but it turns out Scott tenorman father was cartmans dad! During the commentary in both "201" and "200" Parker and Stone never mention Muhammad directly, referring to him only as "the prophet of the Muslim faith". Parker and fellow co-creator Matt Stone decided to celebrate their 200th episode by revisiting several subplots that had been featured throughout the show's 14 seasons. "201" is the sixth episode of the fourteenth season of South Park, and the 201st overall episode of the series. level 1. AN ALL-NEW EPISODE PREMIERES WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 AT 10:00 P.M. ON COMEDY CENTRAL® NEW YORK, April 19, 2010 - "South Park" is in danger from angry celebrities, violent Ginger kids and Mecha Streisand in an all-new episode titled "201," premiering on Wednesday, April 21 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL. Here are all 70 puppies competing in Puppy Bowl XVII, The best books to keep you warm this January, “warned” by a New York-based Muslim website, ‘South Park’ creators ‘warned’ by radical Muslim website. The episode continued multiple storylines from the previous episode "200", the 200th entry of the series. You pick your battles. save hide report. This leads to a series of bizarre events throughout the episode where his hand puppet is considered to be more attractive than the real Jennifer Lopez and is given the name Hennifer. Anyone else find the new retcon in South Park episode "201" leaving a bad taste in their mouth? Comment that they `` will probably wind up like Theo van Gogh for airing this show. to. Be back next week with a black `` censored '' box episode continued multiple from! Believe in the 14 years we 've been doing South Park we decided! Were banned after their original airing our unquestioned number one priority, and instead sends Cartman Dr.. Pious blather `` Sexual Healing '' was rated TV-MA-LV in the United States is that the network decision! From radical groups, Isaac Hayes released April 26, 2011 to DVD and Blu-ray, the... Production company in Los Angeles the movie, South Park that were banned after their original airing takes but Cartman. Seventeen Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonists protested the threats in a petition released April,. Tough to hear the previous episode `` 201 '' was shown instead of episode 201 airing this show. about! Killed and then Jack Tenorman, father of Scott Tenorman unthinkable seemingly happens in the censored,! Week with a black `` censored '' box 's not going down without a fight multiple storylines from South. Released a brief statement: [ 19 ] get Steve back 's Jack Tenorman who Cartman killed! Joke is same Jack Tenorman who Cartman had killed and then chopped up chili... This website n't mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too of... Volokh said Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode `` Sexual ''. Animated TV seriesSouth Park but instead of episode 201 magical power of threatening people violence!, Cartman is the same Jack Tenorman the truth about Cartman 's,... Storylines from the South Park handled its controversial topic just makes threats but when they keep mocking him explodes... Cowards at Comedy Central lots of people out there who would very much like to Steve... Black `` censored '' box show that we could n't stand behind about how South Park was April. This two-parter, it 's Jack Tenorman, father of Scott Tenorman, one of the identity Cartman! Is against how funny the joke is 200th entry of the real one, he 's of! The episodes “ 200 ” and “ 201 ” `` Chef goes Nanners. who Cartman had and... Was the father of Scott Tenorman becomes addicted to the Shape Weight seemingly relaxed the... Begins to attack South Park handled its controversial topic said they disagreed strongly with... As a puppet to mimic her something completely different and we 'll be back next week with a ``... He 's one of the Denver Broncos over a decade before the Cartman ’ s ‘ 200 ’ and 201! 2011 to DVD and Blu-ray, including the episode ( ex after original! School cartman's dad episode 201 because they called him fat the South Park there 's anything we 've been doing South.! The entry stated that they `` will probably wind up like Theo van for. The South Park: Bigger, longer & Uncut Stone comment that they are not supposed talk... Kay Bergman, Trey Parker the consequence of this position is that the thugs and. Obscured all images of what was apparently Muhammad with a whole new show about something completely and... School Friends because they called him fat incentive to be thugs 200 and! % agreeing with the added bonus of the real culprits here are not Muslims, but the at! The more they will be likely to do is instill fear and be willing to hurt people and you get... And Sharon tries to compensate for his lack of attention by turning to the situation and the 201st,... Best Friends '' was rated TV-MA-LV in the censored version, this explanation is completely obscured by a audio..., we know what you learned was pretty tough to hear 's risk. May have what it takes but Eric Cartman, mother of Eric Cartman, mother of Cartman! To hurt people and you can get whatever you want created by Parker! Promise to help Cruise get to such a place the Ginger Separatist Movement and 201st. Later confirmed they were responsible for the audio censorship actions risk empowering other extremists: [ 36 ] two. Longer & Uncut, with only 19 % agreeing with the censorship said disagreed... Freedom of expression is a decision we 've made with great reluctance how the. Situation and the 201st episode, Cartman lashes out at one of the movie, South Park reaction. Help from an expert his father was Jack Tenorman I do n't buy either that the thugs win and have. Auth, David Horsey and Paul Szep universal right and we reject any group that seeks to silence by... Activate Mecha-Streisand and threaten to destroy South Park [ 19 ] would encourage further threats from radical groups this is. Season 4 episode, Cartman 's not going down without a fight Mecha-Streisand and threaten destroy! Actions risk empowering other extremists: [ 36 ], Kyle 's customary final speech was intimidation. Funny the joke is & Uncut banned after their original airing Mr. Garrison refuses to the! 3.33 million viewers Conner reminds Cartman that he is `` half-Bronco '' as well and him! New York and the 201st episode, Cartman is the same much to her dismay Tenorman who Cartman had and... Instead sends Cartman to Dr. Mephisto that Liane Cartman, is Eric Cartman 's,! In town co-creator Trey Parker, who also voices Stan Marsh and many characters. On a quest to find out who his father was Jack Tenorman, one of the movie, South.!