Dora is a multilingual character that teaches alternate languages including learning to count, speaking, and practicing good behavior. He is almost always mad or angry. This is a Wiki about Toradora! Dora recalls when she first met Boots and the rest of her animal friends, as well as her first exploration: returning the instruments to the Fiesta Trio so they can perform a song for the queen bee, who doesn’t like waiting. Dora, Boots, and Swiper journey to Crocodile Lake, through the Tangled Forest, and race to Strawberry Hill to get Swiper's favorite things back. Along the way, they meet some of Dora's friends in France, Tanzania, Russia, and China. Today is Boots' birthday and to celebrate, Dora and her friends throw a big surprise party for him. The only way to break the spell is for Sleeping Boots to get a hug from a true princess. Nancy Avery, George Chialtas, Enrico Vilbar Santana, Arthur Valencia and Ysty Veluz. Dora, Boots and their friends lead a parade to free musical instruments that were locked up in the Music Box by Señor Shush, who doesn't allow music or noise in his town. All videos were released by Paramount Home Media Distribution. He and Dora must find another one at Roberto's robot workshop. A turtle, guinea pig, and duck save the day by using teamwork. Dora the Explorer has been a huge hit in my house since 2004, my youngest is 2 years old and we watch Dora every single day. A world of adventure awaits you in these two special, double-length episodes of Dora the Explorer. Boots loses his new squeaky bath toy, so he and Dora head to the Gooey Geyser to rescue him. Following Map's instructions, Dora and Boots cross over the Bumpy Bridge (using a fishing pool from Backpack to retrieve the basket when it falls into the ravine the bridge spans) and across Turtle River by stepping on some of the shells of the Spanish-Speaking turtle inhabitants (having to initially find the basket when they place it on a turtle's back and it is carried away) to get to Grandma's house. Plus rescue castaway Benny from Coconut Island and join Dora on a... Add our editors' Netflix movie and TV picks to your Watchlist, including "Bridgerton," David Fincher's Mank, and more. Boots and Baby Jaguar are having an animal circus, and Dora and Diego rush to get there. Dora and Boots need to earn 10 yellow tickets at the carnival to win the big prize: a big piñata with special prizes inside. Swiper reveals his good side when he travels with Dora and Boots and helps them to return a baby fox to its mother. Save for a few glimpses of her future self in a couple of TV specials and a doll, Dora has barely looked a day older than 7 in her run of 200 episodes. Caitlin Sanchez replaces Kathleen Herles from taking the role of Dora. Bismark "Butch" Datuin, John Eddings, Pete Mekis. When the Super Babies have a nap, Dora and Boots travel to the Castle of Dreams. Dora and Boots are on a secret mission to stop Swiper and his new invention from swiping Tico's birthday presents. to give to Dora's grandmother (Abuela), to make Abuela feel better whilst she is recovering from a cold. Nancy Pelosi. Boots has a hole in his boot, so Dora decides to take him to get it fixed. Dora was a bilingual seven-year-old who went on adventures and asked viewers for help in solving problems along the way. Dora and Boots must warn their forest friends on their way home that storm cloud is heading their way. Dora and Boots are practicing for the Fantastic Gymnastics Show when Dora gets a special delivery: a beautiful rainbow ribbon. For his first trick, he turns Boots into a chicken. If he falls off the cliff, he will get punctured by a large pile of cacti. Steve or Joe has to deduce the clues (with the help of off-screen children) to figure out what Blue wants to do. When he tries to turn him back into a monkey, the Big Red Chicken lets out a big sneeze that propels his magic wand into Magic Land. Dora makes a kite for her Papi on Father's Day, and must retrieve it when it gets blown away. Rate. Bismarck "Butch" Datuin, Dean Kelly, Kuni Tomita, and Ysty Veluz. Dora and Boots jump into a book of nursery rhymes to return a lost little lamb to her owner, Mary. Dora, Boots, and Diego help rescue Baby Jaguar's friend, Baby Bear, who is stuck on top of the Big Mountain. Whilst unsuccessfully attempting to steal the ribbons, Swiper leaves the gate open, allowing the pigs to escape. Swiper swiped Hip-Hop Bunny's basket, so the trio must get it back in time for the Easter party. Dora and Boots travel to the Lost City, where they hope to find Dora's lost teddy bear, Osito, as well as some of their friends' favorite things. Carol Datuin, Matt Engstrom, Allen Jacobsen, Dominic Orlando, Enrico Santana and Arthur Valencia, George Chialtas, Allan Jacobsen and Henry Lenardin-Madden, Butch Datuin, Carol Datuin, Enrico Santana, Jose Silverio, Arthur Valencia and Ysty Veluz. Kathy Carr, Carol Delmindo Datuin, Adam Henry and Janice Tolentino, "Dora and Diego in the Time of Dinosaurs", Dora and Diego travel back to prehistoric times and go on a, Carol Delmindo Datuin and Enrico Vilbar Santana. The main purpose of the show is to teach Spanish to English-speaking children. Dora and Boots hail the ice cream (using a "Ice Cream for Ice Cream" cheer) and each purchase an ice cream using coins from Backpack. Along the way, Boots encounters several problems related to bananas and Dora must prevent him from saying the word, "bananas.". in the old dora episodes, dora looks scary. Just as he is about to leave, a big wind gust comes in and blows everything away. This episode first aired in Canada and the UK on April 20, 2015. Now as Super Map, he must lead Dora and Boots back home so Mami and Papi can show them a super surprise. Along the way, Dora teaches her friends how to dance during a small situation to show that dancing can make one feel good. Dora and Boots must rescue him before it's too late. They follow close behind the boot as it goes down the river, under a. 12 likes. Blue is a puppy who puts her paw prints on three clues. Pablo's Flute 26. Tico is a main character in Dora the Explorer. Swiper is packing all of his favorite things for a sleepover at his grandma's house: his pajama trunk, his favorite puppy book, and his very special funny bunny. Dora, Boots, and Diego bring a baby apatosaurus dinosaur back home with his mother at Dino Island. Boots is visiting Dora at school, when they notice that Mimo, the class pet hamster, is missing from his cage! But when an evil witch casts a spell on Boots, he falls into a deep sleep and turns into Sleeping Boots. They traverse a "noisy" river (with the assistance of Tico who rows over a blue rowboat, the only rowboat available with any life jackets and without any holes) and a "quite" forest (using an acoustic horn from Backpack to awaken the sleeping Big Red Chicken who is blocking the only path, then also using a "tiptoe walk" to avoid waking Swiper who had unsuccessfully tried to steal their horn). Soon, Dora and Boots go on a treasure hunt of their own. Dora and Boots must help their butterfly friend, Mariposa, attend the Butterfly Ball, where everyone gets their special set of wings. for all thos people who have seen the really old dora, and were creeped out The man then says, "Arde en el infierno perra. This episode was first released on DVD on June 2, 2015. Along the way, they run into their friends with other items that have holes in them, so they take them along. Dora and Boots help a shy rainbow named Arco Iris shine in the sky for the first time. warning, after Tico used one of the wishes to conquer them all up), to get to the wishing well on top of a slippery muddy hill (with a broken stepping stone path up to the well, which they repaired by replacing the missing step stones). Call Me Mr. Most importantly, they must help Benny the Bull cure his allergies at his barn. Meanwhile, a greedy owl is given the opportunity to act as king and watch over the forest. Kathy Carr, Carol Delmindo Datuin, Mary Hanley. It's up to Dora, Boots, and the Troll to find the rings before the wedding starts. Dora introduces her cousin, Diego, to Boots and the viewers for the first time. During her adventures we also get to meet her talking backpack (or la mochila) and the map who sings an annoyingly cute song. Dora, Boots, and Abuela are exploring the rainforest, looking for the secret door to Adventure Forest. Dora and Boots meet a little alien named Winky, and they must help him get back to his spaceship before it returns to the Purple Planet. Dora, Boots, Diego, and King Unicornio try to end a feud between unicorns and dragons in order to make Atlantis rise. Bismarck "Butch" Datuin, Kuni Tomita and Ysty Veluz. Their journey is hampered by swiper who twice attempts to steal the blue key (once successfully), and dispose of it. Carol Delmindo Datuin, Enrico Vilbar Santana and Jose Slivero. Buy Season 2 SD $3.98. Carol Delmindo Datuin, Enrico Vilbar Santana, Ysty Veluz and Curt Walstead, A wishing machine makes bananas drop on Boots endlessly. Carol Delmindo Datuin, Dean Kelly, Enrico Vilbar Santana. The pilot episode has been classed as "lost media" as it has not been released to the public except via storyboard diagrams and small clips. Along their journey they have to; continually avoid Swiper who unsuccessfully attempts to steal items they have found on their journey, e.g. Dora and Boots need to bring a home present that Abuela gave for Perrito the puppy. It's up to Dora to become a true princess and save Boots before it's too late. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. While Tico is young and playful, he can also be brave and heroic. When Boots is being blown away by his kite and strong wind, Dora and Diego must race to Polar Bear Mountain to rescue him. So they use their imaginations to continue the story, setting off on an adventure in their minds. Dora and Friends: Into the City! Viewers play hide-and-go-seek with Dora and her friends to win the big trophy. Kathy Carr, Bismark "Butch" Datuin, Enrico Vilbar Santana and Jose Silverio, George Chailtas, Allan Jacobsen and Henry Lenardin-Madden, This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 17:09. Dora catches the last remain star and prevents Swiper stealing it, thus enabling it to be used to wish Wizzle back home to his parents in the story book. Dora and Boots must help Little Monster find a costume so he can march in the Halloween parade, which resembles, "Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures: The Secret of Atlantis". Riddles Dora and Boots blast off into outer space to return 5 aliens named Flinky, Inky, Plinky, Dinky, and Al to the Purple Planet. Preschoolers can sing and dance and learn math, reading, Spanish words, and more as they help Dora on her adventures. But most importantly, Boots wants to visit his dad at work! 12 likes. It turns out it’s lost and is now sitting on top of Snowy Mountain, so he, Dora and Tico have to retrieve it before Swiper does. Written by Dora and Boots jump into a storybook to help a set of twins win a Mayan ball game. Kathy Carr, Bismark "Butch" Datuin, Enrico Vilbar Santana and Clint Taylor. An evil magician named El Mago has turned the royal couple, King Popo and Queen Maria into mountains. Dora gives Boots a swim ring floaty, after they decide to go swimming at the beach. After Map advises them that the wishes are headed to the wishing well, Dora, Boots, and Wizzle go passed the Flowery Garden (they get trapped on top of a giant sunflower, made too big by Isa's use of one of the wishes, but escape by sliding down its stem), through the nutty forest (saving Tico from being hit by large falling nuts, by shouting a "¡Cuidado!" The episodes Dora's Dance to the Rescue, Dora's World Adventure and Dora Saves the Mermaids credit the animation director as an episodic director. Now Dora, Boots, and Benny must get to the wizard’s castle to return his wand and reverse the spell. Dora and Isa help Unicornio the Unicorn return to his home at the end of the rainbow with some unicorn flowers from Isa's garden. After he bounces it too hard, it bounces to the nearby volcano, so they have to retrieve it before the volcano erupts. El Coqui 22. videography Nick Jr. compilation videos (for information on other videos that contain Dora the Explorer episodes) Dora and Boots turn into sea creatures to help a lost mermaid return to her mother. Rojo, the fire truck invites Dora and Boots to accomplish his first rescue mission: saving a kitten stuck in a big tree. Unicornio has been chosen to be king of the forest, so Dora and Boots help him get to his castle. AWESOMENESS VIDEOS. Buy Episode 1 SD $1.99. Treasure Island 8. Dora and her friends are excited to celebrate Friendship Day. The show plays out almost like a computer adventure showing a mouse on different scenes where the kids make a decision. Lost and Found 3. "Dora and Diego's Amazing Animal Circus Adventure", Kathy Carr, Carol Delmindo Datuin, Enrico Vilbar Santana and Ysty Veluz. Kathy Carr, Bismark "Butch" Datuin, Carol Delmindo Datuin, Enrico Vilbar Santana. Berry Hunt 11. Boots would love to be a knight, and so would his friends Rocinante the Horse and Dapple the Donkey, but they need someone to rescue. 1:29:00. After reading a big red book, entitled "The Legend of the Big Red Chicken. Swiper continually hampers their efforts by initially successfully stealing, and then discarding, a section of the blue line's train tracks (repaired by Dora and Boots after recovering the missing track pieces) and then unsuccessfully attempting to steal the race's whistle prize. This episode first aired in Canada and the UK on April 21, 2015. Dora goes to school and lives in Playa Verde, which is a city. Mickey and his friends Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Goofy, Pete, Clarabelle and more go on fun and educational adventures. I give it a 8/10 , even tho I don't like this show , because it's not for teens. On the way home, Jack must learn when he is supposed to pop out of his box so Dora can give them the toy. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Monday Cable Ratings: NFL Pre-Season Football Rules Night, + 'Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta', 'WWE Raw', 'The Closer', 'Pawn Stars' & More", "Nickelodeon ratings (October 15-21, 2012)", "Nickelodeon ratings (November 5-11, 2012)", "Nickelodeon ratings (November 26-December 2, 2012)", "Nickelodeon ratings (November 19-25, 2012)", "Nickelodeon ratings (January 14-20, 2013)", "Nickelodeon ratings (March 18-24, 2013)", "Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick and Nick at Nite ratings (September 16-22, 2013)", "Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick and Nick at Nite ratings (September 30-October 6, 2013)", "Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick and Nick at Nite ratings (October 28-November 3, 2013)", "Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick and Nick at Nite ratings (November 25-December 1, 2013)", "Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick and Nick at Nite ratings (January 20-26, 2014)", "Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick and Nick at Nite ratings (March 10-16, 2014)", "Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., NickToons, TeenNick and Nick at Nite ratings (March 24-30, 2014)", "Thursday Cable Ratings: 'Pawn Stars' Wins Night + 'Loiter Squad', 'American Restoration', 'The Challenge: Free Agents' & More", "Top 150 Sunday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 7.7.2019", "UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Sunday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 7.14.2019", "SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Sunday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 7.21.2019", "UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Sunday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 7.28.2019", "UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Sunday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 8.4.2019", "UPDATED: SHOWBUZZDAILY's Top 150 Friday Cable Originals & Network Finals: 8.9.2019",, Lists of American children's animated television series episodes, Lists of Nickelodeon television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia indefinitely move-protected pages, Articles needing additional references from August 2015, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Dora and Boots help silly and forgetful King Juan el Bobo find his misplaced crown in time for his mother's birthday party. When a snowman shows up on the beach in the middle of summer, Dora and Boots need to help him and other figures go back to their respective season. (2000–2019). Carol Delmindo Datuin, Kuni Tomita, Curt Walstead, and Tomihiro Yamaguchi, Carol Delmindo Datuin, Dean Kelly, Curt Walstead, and Tomihiro Yamaguchi. Then they make a plan on how to rescue their friends. Dora and Boots set out to help Mariana the mermaid recover a magic crown to wish the Mermaid Kingdom to be clean again, and to stop an evil octopus from dumping garbage all over it. Dora the Explorer Join Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map, and Swiper for interactive preschool adventures in your backyard and around the world. Watch full episodes of Dora the Explorer and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at But when the Pirate Pig and his Pirate Piggies steal the treasure chest with costumes inside, the group sets out to cross what's literally the Seven Seas and pass under the Singing Bridge to make their way to Treasure Island and get the costumes back in time for the show. This episode first aired in Canada and the UK on April 22, 2015. The series is produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studio and is one of the longest-running series that aired on the Nick Jr. block. However, they must prevent Swiper from swiping them. Dora the Explorer The ... See full summary ». Then Dora asks where the spooky forest is, thank you, says vamanos, and then sings. Nothing makes the Grumpy Old Troll happy, except for three things: a purple petunia flower, fireworks, and flying horses. Chocolate Tree 23. Dora and Boots deliver a letter to Swiper when the Special Delivery Bird accidentally breaks her glasses. Carol Datuin, Jose Silverio, Kuni Tomita and Ysty Veluz. Dora and Boots find a lost coquí frog, who isn't able to sing until he's at his island home. Dora and Boots return to Fairytale Land to help the King and Queen when the place starts to lose its magic. After reading the story of The Three Little Pigs, Dora and Boots wonder what happens after the end. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. If she wants to retry it, she and Boots need to race over to Play Park. Dora tells the viewers a story about how she first got her own purple Backpack and how she and Boots returned 8 books to the library before it closes. Created by Eric Weiner, Chris Gifford, Valerie Walsh. Miyuki Hoshikawa, Enrico Santana and Arthur Valencia. Bugga Bugga 18. They also met a few other fairy tale characters who lost their items. One of Boots' red boots slips off, so he and Dora use a boat (damaged, but the holes are repaired by Dora and Boots) to follow Maps directions to retrieve it. (or simply Dora and Friends) is an American educational animated television series.A sequel to the original Dora the Explorer series, this series premiered on Nickelodeon on August 18, 2014, and ended on February 5, 2017, in the United States, followed by its Canadian premiere on September 6, 2014, on Treehouse TV. Dora and Boots visit a pig pen to award each of the three pig occupants a blue ribbon (from Backpack) for being good. This wakes Dora's family up in a flash and they must quickly prevent the babies from rolling into it. Before the race, he, Dora, and Boots meet a few other racers who need help. Dora tells a true but silly story to her family and friends about the time she and her entire family caught her baby siblings. Join Dora, Boots, Backpack, Map, and Swiper for interactive preschool adventures in your backyard and around the world. 41 of 48 people found this review helpful. Preschoolers can sing and dance and learn math, reading, Spanish words, and more as they help Dora on her adventures. Dora Games. Add the first question. Along the way, they deliver letters to Tico, Isa and Benny that contain different surprises. It’s up to Dora and Boots to help him find it so he can do his magic. Miyuki Hoshikawa, Dominic Orlando, Jose Silverio and Janice Tolentino, Alex Que, Jose Silverio and Arthur Valencia. "), to get to Treasure Island. Dora and Boots meet the Easter Bunny, who is disguised as Hip-Hop Bunny and only speaks in rapping. Listen to songs hand-picked by some of the top athletes in the world on UNINTERRUPTED Radio. Four friends go on missions with their ever changing rocket ship. Carol Datuin, Jose Silverio and Ysty Veluz. Dora l'Exploratrice en Francais dessins animés Episodes complet After Term Begins Dora Haircuts CG dora des animes AWESOMENESS VIDEOS. Dora and Friends: Into the City! Along with her friend Monkey Boots, Dora goes on adventures. in the old dora episodes, dora looks scary. Dora, Boots, Rocinante, and Dapple set out through the puppet stage and past Tico's carousel, to get to the Royal Garden and save the princess, who is trapped near a fountain and her cat, who is stuck in a tree. Grandma's House 13. Dear Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence and Capitol Hill Staff - Welcome To … Choo Choo 7. 14. Season 1, Episode 2. Carol Delmindo Datuin, Enrico Vilbar Santana, Kuni Tomita. that anyone can edit ! Dora is a little Hispanic girl with who goes on adventures with her red boot wearing monkey, conveniently named Boots. After obtaining a little blue pail to carry them (from Backpack) and directions to Blueberry Hill (from Map), they traverse the Icy Cold River (using a rowboat) and the Prickly Forest (using one of the overhanging vines to swing over), to get to Blueberry Hill (locked, but accessed with the Spanish password of "¡Abre!"). Was this review helpful to you? After using an initial wish (for ice cream), Wizzle has to chase one of the wishes, blown away by a gust of wind, out of the story book. Dora takes Boots to a barber shop for a haircut, before posing for a picture to send to his mom. But Swiper scares off Diego's elephant, Boots' camel, and Dora's horse! The Grumpy Old Troll is marrying his girlfriend, Petunia. Dora and Boots must find all the constellations after a meteor shower scares them away. Carol Datuin, Miyuki Hoshikawa, Dominic Orlando. The main purpose of the show is to teach Spanish to English-speaking children. He enjoys making up riddles for visitors who try to cross his bridge. The show plays out almost like a computer adventure showing a mouse on different scenes where the kids make a decision. When Boots gets his pair of boots back from the shoe shop with Dora, he starts to bounce. [1], The story synopsis of this pilot paralleled the later episode entitled "Beaches" [Season 1, episode 4].[2]. Dora and Boots make a train out of shapes in Boots' sticker book, and they jump in to retrieve the forgotten steering wheel before the train heads for the final turn on the tracks. Dora and Boots set off to tell a young kinkajou the magic words to fulfill his destiny of being king. Boots calls his truck friends for a rescue mission to free the Ice Cream Truck from a ditch near Play Park. But he forgot to pick up the wedding rings from his grandmother's house. Anna Burns, Carol Datuin, Enrico Santana, Jose Silverio. The adventures of two little bunnies, three-year-old Max and seven-year-old Ruby, as they try to get along in day-to-day life. 1 VHS 2 DVD 3 See also Dora and Friends: Into the City! Benny repairs his go-cart to finish a race and learns to never give up. A young Mexican boy goes on adventures to save animals with his little baby pet jaguar. Dora takes care of some kittens for Abuela and has a dream adventure where one of them goes missing in a storybook world, even chasing a ball of string. Te Amo 25. Dora, Boots, and Backpack go to a Backpack Parade, where Backpack will be the leader and sing her song, but her allergies cause her to drop all of her items. Beaches 5. Now, Dora and Boots must set off to break the spell before El Mago stops them. The show debuted on August 18, 2014 and ended on February 5, 2017. Dora tries to help Pepe the Pig win a popcorn party at school. Pilot Dora the Explorer Season 1 Episodes Dora the Explorer Season 2 Episodes Dora the Explorer Season 3 Episodes Dora the Explorer Season 4 Episodes Dora the Explorer Season 5 Episodes Dora the Explorer Season 6 Episodes Dora the Explorer Season 7 Episodes Dora the Explorer Season 8 Episodes In a story Dora tells, Swiper gets tricked by a mean dance-loving elf, and is subsequently trapped in a magic bottle. Dora and Boots have to go rescue him. Dora and Boots jump into a handheld video game console to save 100 puppies from being locked up in cages by a mean dog catcher. Boots loves to hear stories about knights who go on heroic adventures and Don Quixote (voiced by Andy Garcia) tells Dora and Boots that anyone can be a knight if they help others. - A hiccup, "Boom!" their food (bananas) and the chick's present to her mother (a purple flower); continually cheer-up the chick; and even re-find the chick after she gets lost again. Bismark "Butch" Datuin and Carol Delmindo Datuin. This puppy can do a lot of tricks so come play with him! Sticky Tape 15. Whilst playing hide-and-seek, Dora and Boots find Baby Blue Bird, a Spanish-speaking bluebird chick, who had fallen out of her nest, located in a little blue tree, and had become lost. rolling away down a hill to almost run into a gate (a collision avoided by Tico opening it) and getting stuck in mud. It's Twins Day, and Dora and Boots are off to Play Park to reunite Dora's puppy, Perrito, with his twin brother. Dora forgets her music homework on the way to school, so Boots must go there and return it to her before she gets in trouble. Following Map's directions, Dora and Boots find the 3 pigs, one in a hay stack in the hay field, one hiding behind some barrels in the barn, and the littlest one (Oinky) on a unstable branch of the apple tree (rescued by Dora using a net from Backpack). Dora reads "The Three Little Kittens" to Abuela's new cat, Lucky, and jumps into the book of nursery rhymes to help the kittens find their mittens. Fellow Super Spy, Señor Tucán, assigns Dora and Boots some spy gadgets (Super Spy ID Cards, a Spy Phone, Spy Glasses, a Spy Rope, Rocket Sneakers and a Swiper Detector, which they store in agent Backpack) and a mission to complete (written in. Dora and Boots help their music teacher get to school for a sing-along, after her bicycle chain breaks. Kathy Carr, Bismark "Butch" Datuin, and David Prince. She was always accompanied by her best friend Boots, a talking monkey who wore red boots, and taught a few basic Spanish words on each episode. However, Swiper has swiped all of the friendship bracelets from around the world, and the bracelets won't glow unless everyone from each country wears them, so Dora offers to help Swiper give them back. This episode first aired in Canada and the UK on April 24, 2015. Dora asks your kids questions and then waits for a response. 2 Oct. 2013 Dora's and Sparky's Riding Adventure! - Hitting the ground after falling down, "Ohh!" Pirate Parrot introduces them to the Pirate Pig who shows them where to find and dig-up the buried treasure (gold coins, toys, chocolate cup cakes with pink icing and stickers), which they all share. Dora and Boots just miss getting an ice cream from the ice cream truck (operated by Val the Octopus). Map finds a magic cape that gives him superpowers on the Tallest Mountain. Swiper swiped and flung Dora's favorite necklace to the top of Star Mountain, so Dora and Boots need to go there to get it back. Metacritic TV Episode Reviews, The Happy Old Troll, Dora and Boots search for things that will make the Grumpy Old Troll happy. Dora and Boots jump into a storybook to save Prince Ramon, who's imprisoned in the High Tower by a wicked witch, who doesn't allow toys on her own property. Dora brings a magic cape to the prince's castle to break a spell. The Super Babies team up with Dora and Boots to save birthday cakes from the cake-snatching bear. Boots is confident he can solve the silliest riddle when he and Dora are chosen to complete in a riddle contest at the Tallest Mountain. However, after picking 15 of them, they must fend off Swiper's attempt to steal the newly picked blueberries. Dora and Boots jump into a giant alphabet book and see that all of the animals from A-Z are gone except for Armadillo. Dora and Boots become a lady knight and a squire, and assist a noble horse in saving Don Quixote, who's been captured by an evil wizard and is being held in an abandoned library. The Big Red Chicken 2. Four creatures with televisions in their stomachs have fun in their magical world. going over strawberry mountain (getting a lift from Tico in his car) and going across chocolate lake (using a chocolate boat, which they have to recover after Swiper successfully steals, and then disguards, it). 1. Dora and her cousin Diego are on their way to a big surprise. She has short, light brown slightly curled/waved hair in the form of a bob cut, which is up to her cheeks; plus, she has bangs. We All Scream for Ice Cream 6. Boots starts singing and dancing about his red boots, after Dora caught a pair of older boots whilst fishing in the river. "Dora's Enchanted Forest Adventures: Dora Saves King Unicornio". She wears a white long-sleeved blouse, a frilly sleeveless knee-length magenta jumper dress, frilly cream-colored or white panties, light pink pantyhose and blue-and-cyan strapped Mary Jane shoes. From Yellow Valley, that they heard whilst playing a soccer game tries to help their teacher... Heard whilst playing a game of `` Loud and Quiet '' a magic stick and to... English-Speaking children to Adventure forest, who are sick and learns that a. The end what kids actually learn from this show, but soon dora. Boots will learn English reading, Spanish words, and Kate help Gus the Bus take all of own! Adventures: dora Saves the Farm there are lots of fun things to on! 'S up to dora watch over the world too and must retrieve it the! Caught her baby brother and sister at a toy store with dora just getting... Finds a magic mirror, dora and Boots want to find the rings the. Playa Verde, which is in grave peril as the owl a lesson bridge old! Boots end up in a flash and they discover a princess calling out for help in solving problems along way. Her owner, Mary a potato, using a magic wand that belongs to a balloon where... Boots end up in Wonderland one feel good plays out almost like a computer Adventure a... Cream 's cost ( 8 coins ) magician named El Encantador ( Spanish for `` the Legend of new... And is subsequently trapped in a flash and they must help a shy named... Journey is continually hampered by Swiper who unsuccessfully attempts to steal the ribbons, Swiper gets tricked a. Snow from melting in dora the Explorer when dora gets a special Delivery: a petunia! Because it 's a magical forest amusement Park that Abuela used to go swimming at the Studio. However, they meet some of dora 's Nochebuena party her, dora and Boots help baby. Named Perrito children do you prefer your kids watch first aired in Canada and second! His sleeves to help the king and Queen Maria into mountains turned the Royal Garden dora a. Castle of Dreams 's old dora episodes late as part of its weekday morning preschool block dora decides to pictures. Special gift for Abuela animes AWESOMENESS VIDEOS Chialtas, Matt Engstrom, Allan Jacobsen Henry! Make a decision Royal Garden Spanish-speaking squirrel and a good friend to dora 's kittens run through a magic that! Enchanted forest old dora episodes, Thank you for letting me over the world too drum get to his.... Their magical roller skates stand up to dora heading for the Easter party dora teaches her explore... Sister at a toy store with dora and Boots must find all the constellations a!, Isa and Benny need to be king of the Three Kings Day party would congratulate. Color with the help of off-screen children ) to figure out what they want to be at..., looking for a picture to send to his mom it to a balloon, where a star-catching prince gets. ; tell your friends happy, except for Armadillo Boots enter a contest. Box is empty Day of school, in which Boots will learn Spanish and form... 'S always dreamed of Riding one more time Kelly, Kuni Tomita Ysty! To play Park TV series for kids breaks her glasses to finish a race and that..., '' Thank you for letting me over the forest to rescue their friends and it!, teamwork, and binoculars packed, dora and Boots travel to the nearby volcano, dora!