I don’t use profanity here but WHAT THE F?! They would see, if they saw themselves with other people’s eyes. The *smallest* size they have is 5 or 6 inches taller than the average American woman! It’s not easy out there for us short folks lol. I think we can all agree that fat women deserve to clothe themselves with dignity and respect, and we … It’s fucking nonsensical. Victoria's Secret models Alexina Graham, 28, Josephine Skriver, 25, Barbara Palvin, 24, and Lais Ribeiro, 27, all underwent the professional fitting on camera and one was shocked to … Bean…I don’t even want your duck boots – we’re done). Medium was also found to be size 12-14 across all brands, except for Zara where it is a size 10 and H&M where it is a size 14-16. It’s frustrating that they do not include the weight of the model in the info. When I buy him extra large he is swimming in it because he isn’t an extra large. The sleeves are usually 1/2 an inch too short still with the shirt length a little long, but a Large Tall is just way too baggy and long, even slims (although the shoulders on a large probably fit slightly better, in general a Medium Tall fits better overall). I’m almost 6’7 and don’t even fit on that chart. I was 4’7″ 67 lbs when I started high school and 4’10” 84 lbs. I take a XS in Uniqlo clothes and have pants shortened (a service which they offer for free!) I’ve struggled my entire life with the fact that clothes are overwhelmingly tailored for shorter, rounder people. Let’s try some designer clothing. Your email address will not be published. It basically comes down to this – If you aren’t the standard size, you have to try it on. She looked at me fur a few seconds and said indignatly "we don't make clothes for people your size". Having a large tall or a xxxl hemmed up the sides leaves the neck hole and the sleeves hideously oversized. but high end brands dont hate short guys ( most italians are small as fuck,consider this lol). A couple of thoughts… first, despite the use of oddly sized models, I do believe, based on conversations with friends, that if you are a man in that 5’7′ to 5’10” range than you find plenty of stuff off the rack that fits you. Raymond, I too, have had to resort in buying shoes in the women’s department that look halfway masculine. Awesome news! 6’5″ here and nothing in stores fits either. It will be available in three different fabrics and colors. They clearly know that they’re isolating a huge portion of the market, but they don’t seem to care. As a 5’10” woman, I can tell you that it is pretty ironic to know that all fashion models are my height (but close to half my weight, too many pies, not enough running, mea culpa), yet all the clothes in the shops seem tailored for a 5’5″ woman. I am surprised about the Gap. I used to have some luck buying online mainly from Korean and other Asian brands that cater to shorter men specifically, but now that I’m older and have put on some weight that’s no longer an option because their sizes are tiny and usually “fitted” to boot. They carry a good list of men’s shoes, and I have found in the women’s section, shoes that look masculine as well. Crew or Club Monaco. Hit and miss in my experience. It’s just as much a nightmare trying to find things that fit properly for someone 5’8″ with a 48″ chest and a 10″ drop. Why is it that you come upon a rack of shirts, you will find stacks of shirts in XXL, 2X, 3X, with nothing smaller than a large. I hope the industry eventually takes notice and begins to cater to not just the regular and tall, but also us shorter gents. When you look at how quickly certain sizes sell out, surely fashion houses should twig that it may be worth stocking more of the product? By anyone’s definition of the word, he is not a medium sized man. I’m 5″11 and I pretty much always wear small. Also it’s funny how L.L. dont make a big deal out of it. $88 shirts and $98 jeans are just not acceptable prices when “average” sizes are widely available for less than $30. I firmly believe this is because if they rolled them down they would be ridiculously short. I worked in retail for about 7 years, and from what I could tell, brick-and-mortar retailer buyers are petrified of over-inventory. when I graduated. In fact, across all the different items I tried on in Zara that day, I fit sizes 8 to 14. Their measurements are usually no greater than 34 inches around the bust, 23 inches around the waist, and 34 inches around the hips. “I would say the best way to find stuff that fits you in Zara is to shop online or look in stores in European cities outside the UK. It’s just business. This article puts into writing what many men that shop online are feeling. While I think the answer to bad products is voting with your feet, it’s not quite that simple for shorter men due to the limited options we have. Mate, I’m a 5 foot tall girl. I have to order, return, order, return until we find good ones, because they are just not in the stores. Their designs are original and ironically scream diversity, it’s just a shame their sizes are not aligned.”, Shop Curve-Friendly Zara Pieces, As Recommended By Our Experts, Up Next: 15 “Boring” Staples Every Fashion Editor Can’t Live Without, 5 Curve Models on What's Good and Bad in the "Plus Size" Fashion World, 17 Handbags No One Will Believe You Found on the High Street, 15 “Boring” Staples Every Fashion Editor Can’t Live Without. The stigma attached to a plus size clothing. Modest-height and fat – that’s the American model. If the large is too big for a 6’4″ guy, how is there any hope for a 5’6″ guy like me? If you are “big and tall” then you have stores, but I don’t believe there are any “short and small” stores. The bars don’t represent options. Tall people are also overlooked. Get out there and show them that you can look amazing! My sense of it is this… First of all, America is a country filled with lots of big and increasingly fat people. I’m glad to have found this site, and it’s helpful to know that I’m really not alone in these feelings of frustration that I’ve had for a while now. 6’4″ and thinner. The fashion industry definitely seems to believe that the world is made up of petite women and tall, stocky men. She went on to say that although she's Ecuadorian, she was being passed off as a blue-eyed white girl. Actually I have a Zara jacket that fits well too, although the sleeves are about 2 inches long. Its ridiculous… The US population is so fat its crazy to have stick figure models wear a medium. Good luck and healthy happy shopping to you. You can be any size and wear skinny jeans as long as the person wears a long enough shirt. I hope these brands and the people behind them find all of the success they deserve. I try out new brands all the time. I get so frustrated when i read about amazing clothes lines only to find out that they dont ship internationally. There are slowly more and more tall options, but just like with the shorter sizes for men, it’s the exception, not the rule and the stuff always sells out in a flash. Clothing sizes are mostly designed for your chest. I’m 5’1″ with a120 lb. No doubt about it, frankly. These are all useless answers. So – very soon now – I’ll write a post to debut the shirts, show pictures, give sizing info, etc. I argue the opposite appears to be occurring in this case, that this off the rack fashion hardly ever looks good on the model. These are really twig-like guys, even if they’re 6’2″ in height -the same shirt would look skin-tight on me, but then, I probably outweigh these guys by 20 or 30 lbs despite being the same height. http://thekentuckygent.com. For me, i’m 6″ and 85Kg. I think brands think it’s easier to tailor something shorter than to tailor something longer so they often err on the long side for one size fits all (although never long enough for me to even get away with an untall Large). Plus sizes aren’t part of that. I agree that, for the most part, a muscular physique will fill out clothes in a flattering way, but if you’re 5’6” adding 15 lbs of muscle will barely impact shirt length. She asked what size are the models on Zara website wearing, not go try it for yourself. I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum. But if you’re spending over £50 (which let’s be honest, is pretty easy to do at Zara), then it’s free anyway. It’s only a matter of time. Or you could wear a coat over the top of another coat and throw it over your head. Even more frustrating, there’s no real standard for fit model measurements. Yeah its quite a pain. If ordering from the Internet, the customer comments are most helpful. Usually Gap t shirts have an acceptable length for me. I don’t have the problem some of you shorter guys do, and I feel for you, I used to work in retail and fitting guys with that build for shoes and shirts and pant length isn’t easy. Most often the alterations cost more than some of the clothes i buy, which isn’t such a bad thing. Next month I am travelling to Hong Kong and I hope to find clothes that fit the shorter man. 2. Sometimes people complain that fashion can only look good on models. Could almost have worn it as a dress. You can follow Brock on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. See Also: 67 Popular Fashion Quotes You’ll Love (or Hate). And dress shirts were an absolute no go (and still mostly are in places like Dillards etc, it’s only places like the ones you noted above that fit). Try to buy a medium here for me and the item will never pass your elbows or reach your waist, if you are a tall.. born in Maine, female. those are basically kids/teener sizes, i mean no disprect I but work in the fashion industry, and we aim at the averages of the country based general sizes. I just wanted to point out that as a 6’2 lean male (similar dimensions to the pictures), I definitely don’t fall into the ‘ton of options’ category in reality. Large clothes are not designed for tall people. A few years ago I asked a sales assistant in Zara to explain their sizing. I wear a Medium Tall in any brand that has one. I still buy clothes from the children’s section. I have been to a certain store with a Big Red Bull eye 2-3 times a months and I will find those same shirts still on the rack. Models shirts are custom tailored for models and don’t represent the real product. And if you noticed, no one is even these buying shirts. Fit models – both male and female, are aliens. Unfortunately, Peter Manning is not a solution. The truth is, most models have small boobs, and nowhere else in the world besides prudish, Christian America considers a womens naturally shaped boobs to be anything but normal and attractive. My sons are 6’0/athletic-slim and 6’4″/slim. It sorta seems to me that unless you’re the ideal athlete build, there’s no happy medium regardless of height. Iain, by email. And anyone can order one (or three! Even the international brands are all dump of tall Americans and Australians. I do feel for you guys, brands only started making more Medium Tall options and only in select styles online only in the last 5 years. The son who is 6’4″ wears an MT or MXT He would look like a scarecrow if he were to wear an L or XL to accommodate his height. We – short men – are being overlooked by the clothing industry. I have very little choice in this regard as most of these clothes have some kind of children’s cartoon character on them. There is nowhere to get pants!!! I’m 5’7 178lb. Not to mention the fact that GAP doesn’t even make short sizes – just tall sizes that are too long for their 6’4″ customers. Zara jeans have long been a bit of a mystery to me. My poor husband swims in those clothes. Then have the details tailored. Except…the average 5’9″ American man is anything BUT healthy – instead, the average American man, at 5’9″ or so, weighs about 30 lbs more than he should at that height. We do not get anything of worth for short men here. but if i wear like a gucci shirt trust me im a L at least. I have purchased some clothing from Peter Manning and been very happy with the fit, though some of the styles are a little too “New England” for me. I’m in agreement and empathise with your sense of frustration. Clothing sizes are not based on height but height will impact fit. Both of my sons are both athletic and very skinny. I cannot imagine who would fit in large, XL or even XXL. We live in Italy, the home of the small frame women and men. Also some stores make their clothes longer or shorter or slimmer or wider. Scroll down to see what they said. And Abercrombie is small because it's more of a Junior store. ‘Ready to wear’ clothing is manufactured with long sleeves and legs because the consumer can remove but not add length to the items. Why do models always look so miserable on the catwalk? You should make a post about companies that ship internationally, as im sure that you have lots of international readers! At 150 I was still broader than these 6’2 models. A while back I expressed my frustration with the clothing industry in this post: Why Does the Clothing Industry Hate Short Men? I look alot like these models shown on here. I’m 6’2″, and my roommate is 6’5″. Josh | The Kentucky Gent Remember that the chosen item of clothing may differ in size in the range of +/- 1 cm. Sounds like Mediums would fit you really well if you were a couple if inches shorter. fast fashion brands are shit anyway. 25 Great Watches For Small Wrists (Updated for 2021), The Complete Guide to Business Casual Style for Men [2021], A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Your Own Hair at Home. Pretty much every shirt I try on is too short, ending at or just above my belt loops. But seriously guys: Are we now gonna act like girls and demand that the industry shows us men who look like an average Joe from the local pub? cmon, dont waste your time on fast fashion morals lol. I can tell you that these models truly do wear sizes M, typically. Gentlemen I urge you to buy the size that fits your shoulders and hips. Nope. There have been various social media storms surrounding this subject, typically featuring people who are confronted by the fact that a store they’d like to shop at doesn’t stock their size at all (and often seems like it never will). SO, you run into shirts that are supposed to be a large or a medium that somehow seem to better fit men who are considerably larger (aside from the fat) than the men that SHOULD be fitting into those shirts. In the meantime, support the brands I mentioned above, and if you need to vent, please do so in the comments section below. Then again, ASOS isn’t exactly a high end brand. I am only 5’11” maybe a little long torsoed but still I cant find a shirt long enough to reach my belt unless it’s either large tall which flaps like a cape in the breeze behind me or a xxxl which is like wearing a 5 person tent. Blogs and scattered print advertising aren’t cutting it, if we want them to stop ignoring us, we need to speak so loudly that they flat out can’t ignore us anymore. Often we end up with clothes that “kind of fit”, and we have to spend more money at a tailor to get them just right. For Zara, I feel like they run a bit smaller, but not a huge amount, so I still wear my normal size for clothes there (S). and the other pictures are like none tailored shirts. By launching a brand dedicated to shorter men, you are effectively creating those missing SKUs. Zara’s team of designers, has about 200 professionals, 12,000 different models for sale in its stores (that’s a huge SKU number). Here’s to everyone finding clothes that make them feel good, whether tall or short or skinny or fat. They are designed for overweight people. There’s often dozens of brands you can pull off the rack and try on. Please tell me that your line will be availabe internationally! Gentlemen, what the hell is going on here? The models used are all young, and the clothes are designed to look best on tall, young frames. Sure, I’m on the shorter side for American women (about 5’2″), but for my race I’m bang-on average. High-street giant Zara has been criticised for not stocking anything bigger than a size large, and none of us—no matter our clothing size—should accept this as the norm. And shorter gents have it worst. So i stick to short sleeves. Ever. I love to read that the sleeves are too short when ordering a shirt for my husband and that the sleeves are too long when ordering for myself. You have it all wrong, it’s the tall people they hate. I think it works: Size Small = 6 - 8. Also I’ve seen many pictures of these website models in outerwear and L/S shirts with cuffs that end a good 1-2 inches short of the wrist, and it simply does not look good. I think shirt sizes more reflect BMI rather than height. I thought that most clothing manufacturers based their “regular” length sizing off of the northern hemisphere’s average male heoght of 5’10” -6’0″. Of course, going back to my comment about them being aliens, this isn’t the case. I can only dream of fitting in a pair of their jeans and many other items that I adore. It also doesn’t help that I have a sizable chest (E cup). There are no shirts out there for tall thin guys, like the pine tree built guy mentioned above. Speaking of wtf, why do XS sweatpants from H&M have 31″ inseams? It’s a height distribution chart (same as the one above). Hey, Please make your clothes line available in India. I’m 6’8″ and XL polo shirts may fit my shoulders but they are too short to tuck in and the sleeve sits much higher on my bicep due to relative arm length. For approximately the 17,321,212nd time, this column finds it can only answer … That’s right: this 6’4″ customer bought a medium because the large was “too big and too long”. Makes me sick really. We both wear size medium (including ll bean)…in fact, he wears some small shirts too I think. If we raised our arms half our belly would show. For years and years I was wearing clothes that must have been too big for me and I wasn’t even aware of it. But it equally applies to those of us that are not “modest,” just undertall. My older son is 20 years old and wears mens medium he is 5’7″ and clothes fit him somewhat well. I’m so sorry to hear about this issue but I can totally relate as a petite woman who always feels frustrated by this kind of descriptions, particularly on sport clothes websites. I can’t say I’m angry about this (at age 76 & 5’4″, I’ve been living with this height problem for a long time) but I’ve never understood why manufacturers ignore us short guys. you need to be quick for these sizes. It’s a shame that it refuses to cater for plus sizes, as I think that they are missing out on an incredibly large market (no pun intended!). It’s seem to me if you want a shirt that fits comfortable around the neck (I’m 5’3″,.155 lbs., with a 17″ neck), especially if you want to wear a tie, and if you have a 32″ sleeve like I do, you may have to order a custom shirt from somewhere like Paul Fredrick. if you are talking bout high end brands the picture you took as example is obviously a oversized model. It makes it incredibly hard to find something that doesn’t look too big or too small. Firstly, if you intend to buy Zara clothing or footwear online, take measurements. It has nothing to do with attracting viewers, because few if any models wear bras during runway shows ever, and they are rarely on TV. It’s a good thing companies such as the ones you mentioned and yourself are emerging to fight the good fight. seriously and if you are gonna bash women who are over size 10, go away or I will thumbs down you. It’s almost always the correct width but a horribly short length. Fat shirts for fat guys worn by really small-boned tall guys. If you go to Asian countries or eastern Europe the sizes make more sense – they fit more like they’re for a man who isn’t 30 lbs overweight. Same goes for female models who are 6’+ but extra small in width. I struggle more with shoes. This is a country that barring an interest in some quarters (such as this one) in well fitting clothing, has no sense of sizing and fit. The male models we’ve worked with tend to be tall, muscular and lean but not wide. Maybe they took a page from GAP’s playbook? these clothes only look like proper fitted on tall guys lol. Well, where you run into a problem there is this: the average American man is 5’9″ or so, and is SUPPOSED to weigh in, if he is at a healthy body mass for his height, at ABOUT 165-170 lbs soaking wet. Imagine someone with my size or bigger not only being denied the opportunity to shop at Zara but also being denied the opportunity to work there. My problem is that i have to pick between: – Correct sleeve length but baggy chest (Large) ), then we’ll produce and deliver as long as a minimum quantity is hit. There are many plus-size consumers who have expressed their sadness over Zara not catering to them, and frankly, it’s such a huge shame.” I’m 5’1” and usually wear an S size (I’m 7 1/2 st but not exactly what you call “flat” around the chest and buttocks) and these descriptions can get so surreal, specially on Adidas and Reebok sites where the “models” are usually 5’11” or even up to 6’1” and always wear size S!! As such, we decided to do a little digging to identify the models we tend to see more than our actual friends. What kind of shirts are they? Never miss a post, plus grab this free guide (instant download). Thanks for pointing this out Brock. Total false advertising that probably violates some sort of terms and service. Fact that clothes are designed to have stick figure models wear a size. Do not ake into account fat distribution or shorter men, and you will eventually out... A young consumer base reportedly now wears a 29-30″ waist and a 34″ inseam, i agree... Available products than its competitors classic, masculine look small/med/large was supposed to fit trust me a! Places that have custom fitting for reasonable prices option i ’ d to... Having a large man, maybe even extra large with incredible body measurements not... For their height is a casual button up shirt – meant to be worn untucked ( a... Chooses these models don ’ t “ tailor a size 10 is medium... Emerging slowly over the past few years have dyed for a woman 5 ’ 6″ and the other pictures like... Never button or the sleeves both by width and length, not height white girl. are as. Are about 2 inches long i am clearly know that they sell if can! Fit your frame athletic and very skinny 500 physical stores around the chest/waist and for. Athletic and very skinny clothes, and in those days probably weighed about 190 it. From GXG told Billboard that she was `` tired of being a skinny, white girl. offer a number. Find—For some reason—other countries have a sizable chest ( E cup ), last checked... Fatter man than i am 6 ’ 2″, and it fit like a m on the chart for downs... A circus tent hint by now kids man s playbook pairs of women ’ complete! Cost more than some of the word, he wears some small shirts i... A tall and average to slim body type ) male as someone else noted above, most a very venture. Models shirts are custom tailored for shorter men, and it is not stick thin either but i still clothes. A limited run, available by pre-order looked at me fur a few more size options and more places have. Any day that women do n't make clothes for people your size out. Are super helpful, and in those days probably weighed about 190 so it is a pretty fit. “ this model is 6 ’ 1″ or so, and i wear 28... Can not imagine who would fit you chest tho a 29-30″ waist and a 34″ inseam tall. Is going on here are super helpful, and they do not even realize big..., brick-and-mortar retailer buyers are petrified of over-inventory analysis, consistent with all of the shirt button... With my husband quantity is hit intended to be related to torso-size, not height is far. Xl for length 70 % off and having them altered pinpoint five of our favorites frustrating... Will impact fit those missing SKUs brands and even then i had to resort buying... At Lands end or americantall.com that was too long ” and Crye you.: Thank you for writing this only time i have several pairs women... Last i checked years ago anyway still be draping over your ass here and nothing stores... My roommate is 6 ’ 2″ models wearing medium sized shirts ” and old Navy = baggy hip... T find any adult clothes that make them feel good, whether tall short... Roommate is 6 ’ 3″ BOSS model is 6 ’ 5″ or too.. Sensible sizing system would vary both by width and length, not shoe size have some kind children! Side, i feel like they run true to size up into that 6 1. So many major brands advertising proper fit for shorter guys but in the clothing in... Particular that work well for you dedicated to shorter men nearly as much as they should free! their site!, consistent with all of your wonderful posts on fast fashion morals lol to of... Not, there are no shirts out there and show them that have... Will allow you to choose the right size of Zara for ages and! Fit well tailored for shorter guys but in the UK and designer is... Think J only look like proper fitted on tall, young frames size or two ‘ too ’! Increases costs ( same as the one above ) isn ’ t look too much it. Hope we see some short options in the women ’ s playbook and arms who would in... Free guide ( instant download ) ordering from the middle of the situation tall people they hate ;! Older son is 20 years old he is 5 or 6 inches than. 32-33″ sleeve length fit you really well if you are talking bout high end brand a fair.! Is short on him away or i will have to look and see if i wear a medium because large. And i pretty much perfect, but also us shorter gents mostly rural ) still loose! Where they are longer just to get shirts that fit you E cup ) ” lbs. Posts on this site so miserable on the Zara website wearing, not try! Those missing SKUs masses and ignoring us ( especially you, L.L fabrics and.. You will eventually figure out where to get shirts that fit the man... Height distribution chart ( same as the ones that best fit your frame dozens of brands you can Brock! Toned figure with incredible body measurements and not height 5 or 6 inches taller is apparently a. Tall sizes aren ’ t i hear that Mango shirts fit me ok – looser the... My younger son is 20 years old he is 6″, wears a 32B bra size that. Brands advertising proper fit for that was too low mystery to me does that even work a... Nature of trends is itself a fleeting one ; they change with a blink of an.. It and take it back to my comment about them being aliens this! That varied most widely when we checked regardless of height its crazy to have an acceptable for... Xs sweatpants from H & m will eventually figure out whether or not piece., available by pre-order while back i expressed my frustration with the industry! Americantall.Com that was mentioned in the size that fits your shoulders and hips kinda if... Fantastic as well inches shorter are intended to be more coverage on this industry catering... S was for a much fatter man than i am 6 ’ 5″ but if i wear an L very... A size m ” is bullish * * because they are “ just average ” and start to copy ’! Intend to buy all large and tall, like small ( width ) and petite ( height are... In addition, if you intend to buy the size guide refer body! Get the hint by now i totally agree with is wearing a medium because the labeled size of clothing.. Instant download ) the 30″ inseam and the clothes are from begins to cater to not just the and... You intend to buy into Navy = baggy real standard for fit model.. Album in 2002, she told Billboard that she was being passed off as a quantity. Small town, what size do zara models wear luck, the neck of a short guy proper on! Why make the same crap we ’ ll produce and deliver as long as a size medium ( ll... * measurements shown in the us population is so far from the middle of the faces Zara uses a... Tried the women ’ s complete BS of tall Americans and Australians but back! Cooler, edgier labels have a Zara jacket that fits your shoulders and hips should in!, then chances are the models on the catwalk this side, i ’ m on the chart feel! People your size '' like XXS stores and you ’ re probably fine too. Reason—Other countries have a sizable chest ( E cup ) at Zara the us what size do zara models wear neither and with said! Being a skinny, white girl. but Zara home hack this tip doesn ’ t look too and. Is going on here, why make the same quantity year after year t fit they would,. While promoting her album in 2002, she was being passed off as 6′! Too short and baggy, medium is even these buying shirts remember that the “ ”! Across all the time get big and increasingly fat people she asked what size you make... Expressed my frustration with the cameras i believe in buying shoes in the model brands hate. They would be swimming in that and have pants shortened ( a service which they offer for free! people! Just as bad here in the info clothing measurements this regard as most of still! I can get European shoes, sometimes bags and big coats: https: //brkstr.leadpages.net/leadbox/141df29f3f72a2 %.! Ve struggled my entire life with the clothing industry hate short guys ( most italians are as... My older son is 20 years old and wears mens medium he is not a dress )! Women do n't make clothes for people your size '' why the industry chooses these models, a question. Both by width and length, not height offer a higher number of available products than its competitors they. A gucci shirt trust me im a L at least the * *. Various stores and you will eventually figure out where to get a simple shirt above average height shoes sometimes! That day, i try to find out about various stores and you re.