On Thursday, July 9, 2015, Wong (curator and writer), Jessica Lynne (founder of ARTS.BLACK), Anuradha Vikram (curator and writer) and Ellen Tani (a contributor to The Art Genome Project) met virtually to … And then if you live long enough, suddenly people will say, “Oh look, there is Carmen Herrera. }); —Helene Winter, Director, Artists Space, quoted in R. Goldstein. —Letter from the artist, March 8, 1979, ” . prefix = 'artnet_newsletter_'; function slideInModal(upOrDown) { Don’t accept the first story. We spoke with more than 40 people to get their reactions to our findings and their take on women in the art world. Racial discrimination pervades the whole of the art world, including publicly funded “alternative” spaces. }, Otherwise, you are telling the history of wealth and power. } //exdays*24*60*60 if (getCookie(cookieNames[i]).length) { As the protest continues, it is fascinating to see how panicked and terrified many whites have become when dealing with their own conscious and unconscious racism. But he says, “exposing the fact that conditions within art depend crucially on factors that go beyond it shouldn’t let the art world off the hook.” //and we can just return here. These words don’t have quite the power they used to—and that seems like a healthy thing.” + '